Tuesday, October 11, 2011

6 weeks in

Well I have taken 4 pain pills in this time. The total has been 3 not so good days. Not to bad, I can for sure live like this. I have very little stiffness in the morning and no deep burning pain in my shoulders. Yes my hands have a couple knuckles that are sore and I still get sore when I'm using a screwdriver or wrench but I have seen a big improvement. I went bowling on Oct 1st for a close friends birthday party. I bowled 1-1/2 games and it felt great. I had two complete fingers very sore for 4 days afterward but I would have said your crazy if you would tell me that I could actually go bowling, IT WAS WORTH IT. It felt normal like years ago, no care, no thinking about what later in the night might feel like or even tomorrow. (the three Jack and cokes did help a bit).

 I'm looking at starting a new physical activity, Kickboxing. I need to exercise more and I just don't have the drive to go to the normal gym any longer. I'm really excited about this new opportunity!!!. I realize I wont be able to finish a complete hour session but I know I can do a half hour for sure. I'm hoping 2-3 times a week, heck it doesn't hurt to try you only live once.

I hope your feeling better and remember, you define yourself don't let RA define you........................  

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