Saturday, December 3, 2011

Buzz Kill

Well I have been taking the supplements I mentioned in an earlier blog since August 29, 2011. I had some amazing weeks were I had very little to no pain. This last week hasn’t been so good. I feel exhausted in the afternoon, I mean like its 2am in the morning tired. I also feel like I got hit by a Mack truck. I’m feeling my shoulders and elbows burn deep inside my joints. I know it’s just a flair up and it should pass soon, but I think the harder thing to deal with is the depression I’ve been feeling.   I think I have two kinds of depression, one is when I’m trying to work with my hands in the garage and I struggle from the pain. I get angry and feel it’s not fair, I think this project should be done already. But my hands remind me that I’m dealing with something out of my control. The second depression is it’s like my life is passing me by while I nap from the extreme fatigue or just sitting there in front of the TV. Either way I guess it just takes time while we learn how to deal with our bodies changing. I have to say I feel lucky to be where I am physically. I’ve been reading some other blogs and websites and I feel really bad for the people’s stories about suffering from RA. I can only read this information at certain times, I want to learn from other peoples experiences with RA but then I think about when will their battles happen to me. When will I be the one describing joint replacement surgeries or talking about my new walking devise.  I guess we just take every little step at a time and deal with today’s issues and problems and not worry about tomorrow. 

I hope your feeling better and remember, you define yourself don't let RA define you........................  

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