Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A New Day

Well I have to admit I'm feeling better. The cold LA weather is a killer, did I just say that; COLD WEATHER?. The cold weather is very uncommon for us warm blooded folk who usually get about three weeks of what we think is freezing temperatures. I due have to say that I think the supplements I'm taking help extinguish the flares I get faster than normal. I kind of judge how I'm feeling on how many pain pills I take and what sort of physical shape I feel like when I get home from work. I'm taking less pills and I only had two days last week that I couldn't work in the garage at night. Now let me explain that working in the garage still is slow for me. My hands and fingers burn when I work a wrench to long. But I take brakes and try to set small goals so I don't get frustrated. The not so good two days I felt like I had a shallow breath and my chest burned when taking a deep full breath. By morning my joints were sore when I got out of bed but back to work I went and I felt good.

I hope your feeling better and remember, you define yourself don't let RA define you........................  

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